Be different!

Dear Companies: Don’t Be Friendly. Be Different. | Copywriting | Noemi Gobel

See? Different is good.

At a recent content marketing conference in Norway, a dashing presenter from Acrolinx (a content optimisation company) spoke the following gem of truth: “Don’t be friendly, be different.”

He was making the point that when it comes to corporate content, it’s not enough to be merely friendly any more.

Friendly is no longer exceptional. Friendly is the new normal.


Bootstrap your way to a Tone of Voice

Bootstrapping your way to a Tone of Voice | Copywriting | Noemi Gobel

Right before writing this post, I did a quick search on BuzzSumo for “tone of voice”. Apart from articles about how to speak to your dog, as well as your life partner (yes, in that order!), some excellent blog posts reared their heads. From Ann Handley, the goddess of marketing writing, for example. Or Econsultancy.[…]