Building your vision, One word at a time.

what do you need?

Just like a stylist: I'm here to make YOU look good. With super-duper words.

online copywriting

From blog posts to video scripts and snappy microcopy. All optimised for our digital universe.

edit & proofread

Written an article but something feels off? I’ll comb through your text until it sticks like glue.

content marketing

Content makes the world go round. Don’t believe me? I’ll build you a strategy to prove it.

social media marketing

Tweets, LinkedIn posts, Instagram captions, Facebook Notes… You name it, I’ll write it.

Have you seen my book, The Golden Child? It's a fairy tale about a mother who saves her child from pirates. Plus there are mermaids, too.

Why would you choose me?

No time for details? I'm just saying I'm a pretty good bet when it comes to words.

Yes, there are tons of copywriters out there just biting their fingernails and waiting for your call.

(Or technically, email. Who even uses their phone for calls anymore?)

What sets me apart is my experience.

I've been working with words from an extremely early age - ever since my mother asked me to help her grade spelling tests, in fact!

I studied English at a post-grad level, I minored in Editing, I became a certified Online Journalist during university and then transitioned into corporate communications.

I've also recently received a Social Media Marketing certification from Hootsuite.

Even when I'm not working, I'm still writing - usually children's stories for a possible future publication.

Don't get me wrong: I'm no miracle worker. But when it comes to writing, I'm a pretty good bet.

don't take my word for it.

dying to hear more?

I´m always up for some coffee and cake! Minus the coffee. Sorry, Sweden.